Ali Uqdah: Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain

Bob Bodor: Help With His Back

Cheryl Baldwin: Headache Problems

Craig Lindsey: Head Golf Professional

Genie Weisz: Shoulder Pain

Juan Correa: Shoulder, Back & Hip Injuries

Kristy Ball: Back & Leg Pain

Terry Ingram: Back & Neck Pain

Amanda Lewis: Scoliosis

Brian Richard: Neck Problems

Diane Conlan: Doing What She Loves

Karen Delavan: Neck Pain And Numbness

Mark Delavan: Chronic Back Pain

Patricia and Ryan: Lower Back And Shoulder

Stephanie Guerrero: Problems With Migraines

Roxanne Middlebrook: Car Accident Recovery

Zack Alcorn: Minor Scoliosis

Deborah Golden: Firefighter

Henrik Patel: Pinched Nerve

Dr. Ed Zampella: Neurosurgeon

Jennylee Cunningham: Pilates Instructor

Alicja Mackowiak: Pain & Migraines

The Knuth Family: Help For The Whole Family

Jim Huettenmoser: Extreme Lower Back Pain

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